Lazy Prompt Day

Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

Another ten minute free write? I guess this is the Daily Post’s way of getting off early from work. Some days there is imagination abound and some days the people throw up a Ready, Set, Done just to do something. Nothing thought provoking or specific to a certain topic.

Guy gets up today to post the daily prompt: “Ahh…I’m tired today…Just throw up a ready, set, done and let’s go home for the week day.”

WIN_20141023_021200 (3)
This is me sleeping last night

I’m beginning to think my college degree is worthless. It’s been about five months since I graduated and still no job. There have been prospects but I haven’t had the gumption to answer them and the field I graduated in is losing interest in myself. My interests are changing rapidly. I’m more into photography and computer design now. I’m also getting big on writing on WordPress (at least for now until the bubble bursts). 5 more minutes, what to write about?

I have never played golf. Been on a golf course once with my grandpa riding the golf cart, watching him play, but I have never had the chance to actually swing a club on an actual green. I got to practice swings at the Jackson Gold Dome but I was terrible, the ball never leaving the ground. I got a little ticked when a teacher behind me said, “Keep trying Matt, you’ll get it” in that false hope voice as if I should just give up.

blah blah blah blah

thoughts on ice

Can’t get through to you can I? No, my words never quite carry very far in the WordPress world. I have some trouble expressing myself in as few words as possible and choosing the right words can be difficult. There’s a lot on my mind but not much happening in my life to really fuel the need to expose those thoughts.

Yeah, my life is quite boring. We make the daily trip commute to Plasma in Lansing two times a week to get money but other than that, my life is uneventful at the moment. I want to go more places. We went a lot of places this summer such as Missouri, to drop my sister Emily off at college, and Wisconsin, to see my sister Liz and her boyfriend/future hubby Shaun and his boy, Jace. I would like to visit a third world country some day but that looks like a pipe dream right now.

Daily Prompt 10/23/14

Author: Macbofisbil

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2 thoughts on “Lazy Prompt Day”

  1. Wow, 10 minutes of randomness…..I like. My turn!

    How about this, you have a degree that you are losing interest in and I am working on a degree I love but don’t have it yet so I don’t think I’m qualified to get job related in that particular field. Am I qualified without a degree and does a degree really magically qualify people to do anything? I know a few people with degrees that make me wonder who they paid………Okay I know you said unfiltered but that’s just mean.

    Moving on, I have never golfed nor do I have an interest to do so, I think they only appealing thing to do in an open gold course is to race a golf cart, otherwise its not for me.

    Did you know that avocado is a fruit? I never cared but apparently its a big deal to some people who think its gross to put fruit on their turkey bacon sandwich…….I like avocado, don’t care if its a fruit. Random fact of the day.

    Visit a third world country, don’t. I mean do, because you learn to appreciate everything that you have, but only do it if you are going to really take something from there into your daily life. Like say thank you more, complain less, love harder etc. I am from a third world country, and its the best thing I can say I brought with me and try to share with people on the daily. But if you just want to go for fun, adventure and sight seeing, well you can do that anywhere.

    That took me 10 minutes, a toddler kept hitting the backspace key as I typed, so I was just re-typing for a second (I love my kids 🙂 )

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