Oil, Meet Water and Blood

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

I tested out the prompt’s title today. An interesting lump is formed by some of the oil escaping into the water  and being repelled upward. Freaky looking.
Oil is thicker than water

To answer your question, I am water and my dad is oil and my uncle would be blood since we are the closest out of everyone in our family. My dad and I are so unlike each other in many ways; he’s quite a negative person around people and doesn’t always get along while I am friendly with everyone and always am happy about life. My dad gets pissed off whenever someone cuts in front of him or he isn’t first for something while I just shrug it off and don’t take stuff like it too seriously. My uncle is the same as I – we are pretty laid back and don’t like to cause too much commotion or be the center of attention. The obvious differences between dad and I continue with him being able to drive and I merely a passenger; him having artificial hips and his growth being stunted while I grew to my full potential height (it seems I have gotten shorter though); he being a square peg that couldn’t fit into a circular hole, his hair always cut and short, his clothes always the same, his tastes in life as old as the 1960s, while I am more well-rounded and take a bite out of everything at the buffet table whether it be fashion sense, art, music, television, movies, sports, politics, you name it. But at least he got a new car and got rid of his old blue van of 14 years, giving it to my sister Liz. My dad is what you call a ham and egger, working 9 to 5, living a pretty cut and dry life without any creative edge to it while I am completely the opposite; my life is full of adventure and exploration, trying to find something that rings best with who I am and what I can latch onto most easily. I’m always exploring new opportunities while my dad seems to stuck in a black and white world where one thing is right and another is wrong – there is nothing in between. My father of 23 years also has some racial discrimination in himself but I had not realized it until recently this year when a few ugly words came out of his mouth being aimed at a couple of African-Americans he had a strange encounter with. He’s also been known to flip the bird a couple of times while I wouldn’t even have the guts to do such a thing.

My dad and I get along pretty well; there really isn’t anything wrong with our relationship, we are just more concealed and distant in likes and interests. We both are into football though he always tends to be on the outs about everything from the teams playing, the scores, or the nature of the game itself (no close game is over until the clock hits zero!). We get along because we don’t fight or argue and stick to ourselves most of the time. I don’t believe there ever was a time I yelled at my dad for something though I am not one to yell at anyone at all. I think the glue that keeps us together is our mutual understanding of one another – we accept one another for what we are even if it means not always being on the same page. The viscosity or density that separates the relationship of oil and water between us is not that thick and we do meet in the middle of the Venn diagram once in a while.

NoShaNo: November 11: Veteran’s Day face

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P.S. This is my 100th post on this blog! So I’m going to do 100 push ups to celebrate it.


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