The Infinite Film

If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?

Cue the lights
Cue the music
Whir, whir, whir
The screen comes on
A soft number
Pale face

Cheerfulness all around
Innocent scenes
Running through wheat fields
Looking over the hill
“Come in from the rain…”

Then a sudden darkening of tone
And crash!

The film speeds up
Blurring out of control
Changing rhythm
“Highway to Hell”
Montages memories sequence

What happened to the old me?

The plot thickens
How to get out this predicament

Then the band sloooows down…
Soft and peaceful
Violin solo
Quiet background tune

Then BAM!
The music gets loud again
It’s anxiety, panic, madness
Racing against the clock
Out of control
Drum beats
Guitar shredding
Where am I
Losing it
Figuring it out
Spiral down, down, down
Slow down the music!

Sucked out
Back to normal
Steady pulsing
In control
Happiness ensues
Script remains unfinished…

DP #62: “Cue the Violins.”

Author: Macbofisbil

Welcome to "Macbofisbil: An Awesome Mind", a place where you will find all sorts of interesting stories, pictures, and advice on life in general.

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