Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Joints


This is my first time doing one of Cee’s photo challenges and I am excited about finding some more creativity in my photography. For the Joints challenge this week, I am featuring the structure of one of the most boring rollercoaster at Cedar Point: The Iron Dragon. It’s utter slowness and excitement on the level of a history class aside, there are lots of examples of joints and connecting parts in this picture. The people swarming to get on the ride also have examples of joints (their arms, legs, and phalanges!).

Day 154My “Hand of Glory” also has joints.


The links and rivets of the Missouri Bridge I crossed under last summer were an obvious choice.

And now some things I enjoy:

Day 317

My cats, even though they are a nuisance and eat like hogs.


And potato salad (or any kind is fine). I know this will be on the table Thanksgiving day along with the delicious pies I will make. I vow to create my own homemade salad sometime and not eat the store bought all the time, but what can you do when you crave it so much?



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