WPC: Seems So Long Ago


The year 2010, when I graduated from high school, seems so long ago now. So much has changed in the world since then: technology, music, fashion, cultural references. This picture, originally taken with a slider phone I had in 2010, takes me back to my senior year when my whole future was still in front of me, the book was still being written. I thought about putting up a picture of my yearbook from senior year but couldn’t get a suitable picture of it with my camera. The year that was all about “The End, But the Start of Something New” is gone, but not forgotten in my mind. The many students I got to know for four years have scattered, but I can still remember and keep in touch with them on Facebook.

The year 2010 in retrospect:

Best Song: Airplanes – B.O.B F/Hayley Williams 

Best Artist: Eminem

Best Film (IMO): The Social Network

HIghest Grossing Film: Toy Story 3

Best TV Show: Breaking Bad (what else could it be?)

Best Websites: Vimeo, Yardbarker, Tumblr, Kongregate, Etsy, Chegg

Highest paid athlete: Tiger Woods: $110 Million

Richest person in the world: Carlos Slim Helu & Family, 53.5 billion

Super Bowl Champion: New Orleans Saints

NBA Champion: Los Angeles Lakers

World Series Champion: San Francisco Giants

Invented: iPad

Cultural Fads: Skinny Jeans, Wii, Bright Colors, Checkered Shirts, Silly Bandz, Red Hair, Vampires, Leggings, Chuck Taylor Shoes, iPhone

Most Watched YouTube Video: The Bed Intruder Song – nearly 50 million views (124,054,590 views as of December 2014)

“This is a big f***ing deal.”

— US vice-president Joe Biden to Barack Obama at signing into law of the historic US healthcare program in 2010.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

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