Meat A Food From The Past

Today, write a post about the topic of your choice — using only one-syllable words.

This might be a post full of cheese and head drone, but I must write to the tune of what went on in my plain as rain life.

A great one came back this week. A hot one straight from the past. The one that will stay here for a while and then go back in the vault. They call it a trek back to the days of funk and soul. This turn back of the clock choice was so good that we all got one for the price of two for five. On the big board this takes two breaths to say, starts with a “Y”, ends with a “Bo”. Mr. W’s long lost kin, I say. But to say this was the best would be a lie, when it could quite be a thing I made at home once. Hot ham and cheese – how great and new that sounds. I loved it but in the end is a one and done deal that does not beat the king of King’s meat with two breads. Did this take me back to a time when I was not born? Not quite. That failed quite a lot, the place was quite plain, the home screen lied, made things all flair for show. Two score years gone has made its trip back to the top a great time. They all asked for it time and time for years. The head gave in and gave them what they want.

It is quite tough to write a good post with just one breath words in my box of tools. Please, do not give us this type of prompt on days to come.

There is just one last thing to say to end this – Yum, tum, rum, crumb, bo.

The Yumbo – a sandwich that had been off the Burger King menu for 40 years until this week. The caption is an exception for this post.

DP #72: “One at a Time.”

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