Remember, It’s Just Another Number Change

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Next year is my year: my Chinese Zodiac sign is the sheep

Another twelve months is nearly over again and I still don’t have a Pinterest account…

2014, the year that saw Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian become bona fide world icons and Instagram pass Twitter in number of users (and mentions on TV no doubt), was a realization year for me. I realized, after taking a moments glance at what I had done since graduating high school, that I was indeed still very small in this world, that any real power I had to make an impact would probably be snuffed out by somehow who was just a little smarter and maybe had more money and fame than I.

But I didn’t make a big mistake this year by setting too unrealistic resolutions for myself. One resolution of mine was to not let other people’s success get me down, especially not that of individuals I knew from school, not let their sudden spike in popularity online make me feel like I could never possibly compete on their level. I told myself that I had a purpose as well and that if I continued to be myself this year and live my life at my own pace and desire, I would eventually find a place where I could be happy, could appreciate what I was, and not feel pressured to be like others, not feel that pang of jealously that so often has emerged. I believe embarking on a yearly photo project (with lots of bumps and bruises along the way) has sparked some new interests and views on life in myself.

I fulfilled my resolution of graduating from Baker College this year, earning my Associate Degree, but as far as finding a job afterward, well, that will be up to 2015 to decide. Hopefully 2015 will also have a cat waiting for me as well. Wait, did I write “cat”, because I definitely meant “car”. I have enough cats already.

As far as blogging goes, I came back to it in February after a five month hiatus. These were the days when I was still a very raw blogger, could not see the big picture yet, what I was missing. I started off WordPress 2014 by talking about my brief stint of learning to speak Spanish. I was mildly successful in following a free course that started me off with the basic things to learn first, such as pronouns, verbs, and other sentence structures. I found out the hard way though that not paying for the full course would make me miss out on really getting the hang of the language. For a few nights, I practiced repeating words and phrases as quietly as I could with others in the house sleeping, though my dad sleeping on the couch nearby one night overheard me and, to paraphrase his words, told me to shut up. At times I felt ridicoulous for even attempting to learn a new language by these methods, while other times I felt I was doing something worthwhile and beneficial in my life.

Shortly after I let my Spanish reflection post make its short trip around the Internet, the thoughts of learning Español quickly faded away. I still have notecards with basic vocabulary and grammar on them that only helped in trying to get me to repeat the words and their English counterparts without looking, did not help me use them in a real world conversation. Did not help that I still sounded ridicoulous trying to roll my Rs and bend my speech in my plain American voice.

Everything after that post, until my big “reboot” in September, was pretty much downhill and got zero attention from the blogosphere. And I guess that was another one of my resolutions that unexpectedly came about this year: to unlock the full potential of a blog, how to use it effectively to draw in more readers. From February til now, my little personal corner of the Internet has changed so much it would take at least two long posts to explain it all in detail. I have already talked about this self-gloatingly in previous posts, but I am so far from where I was in February and the months in between, that 2014 for me could be called the year of the blog. It really has been a big year for me in this aspect. Learning how to corral all of my horses, that is, all of my social media accounts, into one stable has also developed my little corner beyond just a simple blog. It opened the doors for more connectivity, made me realize that by doing so I had formed my own hub of online life, made it easier to manage it all from one spot.

I think the mistake most people make when planning their New Year’s resolutions is looking at the new year as one that is going to be way better in quality than the previous one because of a number changing, but if you take things into perspective, all that is happening is a new number coming up in sequential order, as it is supposed to. How will 2015 be different from 2014? How will your life be any different than it is right now? January is the brief time when lots of people are making all sorts of promises for the year ahead, how they are going to change their ways, accomplish remarkable goals. And what percentage of those talkers are still walking by the middle of the year? Less than half no doubt.

2015, a year that screams of big developments in technology and the automobile industry (can we get those flying cars now?), will be a year that I really am going to figure out where my future is going to go. The resolution left over from 2014 that will still need to be fulfilled in the next year is getting a career started, putting my college degree to good use. Another residual from 2014 that could spread its wings in 2015 is my little video business and it picking up again. Or maybe I’ll start something better and a tad easier. Perhaps I’ll go all in on iPas, a seemingly legit way to make big money fast all by sitting in front of your computer at home. No, it is not a scam, the people behind the company clearly validated that for me in a series of videos and I was just about to start my journey to riches when I realized I needed to put down money first and I didn’t even have a job to pay to get started. Oh well, I guess I can join the group of self-made millionaires another day.


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3 thoughts on “Remember, It’s Just Another Number Change”

  1. Good luck in beginning a career after college. Great reflection on the past year. Life never travels in a straight line. Surviving the bumps and twists is what makes it interesting. Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks. Life can be unpredictable, Even though I know my future is bright, there are still some foggy details that I have not uncovered yet. Hopefully that fog of uncertainty will clear up next year. Happy New Year to you as well.

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