After the Smoke Settles

I hate to regret
Leaving anything behind,
But walking back into the rubble
There were many things on my mind
Sentimental thoughts of materialistic things,
Stuff that never crossed my mind,
With the smoke, the flames, my heartrate racing

The firemen tried their hardest
To put down the monster,
But it proved too much,
Even with a full blast of water
Cozy little vacancy turned to crispy bits
And the description of this place
Is that dreadful really fits

Walking though the ruins,
The dear old organ, barely played;
Reduced to a black tar, keys all splayed

The guitars in my now nonexistent room,
I wish I could have grabbed,
Now sound like a broken car;
Strings ripped apart, bridge snapped in half

Old aged table, now just a stump,
Where frequent family game nights
Had us all playing the trump

I can’t believe I forgot these as well:
Blu-ray player, XBOX games, vacuum cleaner,
All lost in this unfortunate hell
Tripod and camcorder – wow, now that’s a hard sell

It’s a terrible fate for all these things I forgot,
But I’ll move on,
And never worry, give them much thought

But there is still one more thing
That I haven’t figured out:
Who or what caused this fire?
Cause I was out and about

Like a classic game of Clue
It’s time to play Whodunnit?
Time to crack down on this case
And get revenge on the culprit

But in the meantime,
I need to find another place to stay,
And living with my dad,
Well, let’s just say that would make for quite a boring day (he doesn’t even have a TV)

Fortunately, a lot of our stuff is contained in the outside shed, such as the lawnmower, Christmas tree and decorations, and totes of family pictures and keepsakes, so I didn’t lose a whole lot of stuff and can still retrieve it. And I’m sure some things in the burnt rubble are still useful, such as the dinnerware and utensils. But as this is a manufactured home we’re talking about here, that is put together with cheap materials, it would have burned down fairly quickly, the flames not sparing much in their fiery path. Thank goodness this didn’t actually happen!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Burnt


Author: Macbofisbil

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