“An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse”

“You must eat the cake.”

“No, it’s bad for me.”

“Eat the cake, it is yummy.”

“No, I resist your attempt at hypnotic temptation.”

I push the cake away, giving my captor a furtive look.

“I’m sorry but you can have some orange juice with that as well.”

“If you are going to get me to eat the monstrosity,  you’ll have to try better.”

Just then, an octopus fell down from the ceiling.

“What the –

“Eat the cake,” said the slimy eight legged creature, in a serious tone.

“No! You’re not going to make me. I refuse!”

“This is your master speaking. You will obey my words.”

“If there were a clown here, I might listen to him but I’m definitely not listening to an octopus!”

The octopus wrapped a suction cupped leg around my throat.

“Eat. The. Cake.”

“No…it might…be poison,” I said between gasps of air.

“If you won’t do it, guess I, and the guy over here, are going to have to make an offer you can’t refuse.”

“So…you’re the god…father now? Shut up! Let me…out of these ropes!” (I pushed the cake away with my head).

“Eat the Chocolately goodness and we will release you back into the wild.”

Turns out I was turning into a chimpanzee because I had been secretly injected with a shot that changes my DNA structure.

The octopus and crazy man stared down into my eyes, burning holes in my retinas. Mr. Slimy tightened its grip on my neck.

“Fine! I’ll…ingest…the chocolately…delight! But if I…die –

“Trust me, you won’t die,” said the crazy man.

I bury my head into the chocolate cake and start to eat it, taking in the richness. All of a sudden the room starts spinning fast, my eyes become unfocused, start seeing dazzling colors. Obviously it was an hallucinogen. Actually was kind of nice, the pain in my leg gone. The octopus turned into a tasty looking ice-cream sundae. I flew through the air to chomp down on it but felt a slick smack across my face, propelling me backward into the hazy clouds of this LSD trip out. Ahhhh…

 In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Race the Clock.”

A twist on the “ten minute write” – the tile of your post is “An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse”

Author: Matthy

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