Just Like An Old Cliche

Eighteen years or so 
Of a single lyric playing in my mind;
I’ve searched and searched
For that song from child life,
And now it is here,
The same melody,
Coaxing me line to line;

And so she sings
And fills my heart,
Pulling on my recollections,
Sifting the great stack apart;

It takes me back to the back 
Of mom’s old purple machine,
Gummy wrappers and more,
My feet sinking in a virtual trash horror scene;

And that song reached my little ears
From a classic cassette deck,
And a couple of those telltale lyrics
Were saved for a future trek

“Come In From The Rain” by Melissa Manchester is a song I remember hearing in the back seat of my mom’s old, now non-existent, purple mini-van when I was about five years old. I had no idea who was singing this song or what the name of it was back then, but my mom would constantly play this song along with a couple others contained on the cassette tape, including “My Boyfriend’s Back” by The Angels. But “Come In From The Rain” had these powerful lyrics that sparked something in me, images of an early preschool teacher. Whenever I heard this Manchester song, an image of a child sitting at a desk and a teacher looming over him, a serious look on her face, would be conjured; she wore round spectacles and a flowery dress. The scene was set in a sort of sepia tone and only focused on the teacher and the student, which was turned on an angle; it seemed the kid was being punished for something. The lyrical line “just like that old cliche” was the one I constantly searched for on the internet, trying to rediscover a song I hadn’t heard in a long time, with not much success. But my answer finally came, quite surprisingly, while I was watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond some November night. The song “Through the Eyes of Love” played during the episode and it instantly sounded like the woman who sang the song that had been eluding me. I decided to search for this song – it was by Melissa Manchester, and I’m like, “Okay, I’m onto something.” I then search for “just like that old cliche” and “Melissa Manchester” together and voila, my gold plated treasure had been found.

I’m not sure why this song seems like an appropriate choice for my childhood given the somber nature of the lyrics (or maybe I’m in love with things sad and depressing), but it seems to me that it is about finding the light through dark times, and fighting to keep the darkness away.

“And you’ve been reaching for yourself for such a long time” – my favorite line of the song.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: The Transporter

Author: Macbofisbil

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