Death of the Prompt

I hoped to start off my month of March blogging with something enthusiastic and bright, something that would inspire pleasant pictures of spring approaching and kids getting excited for the end of the school year coming up, so why am I having to write about my own death, which would be quite a dark and depressing ordeal? I haven’t even met my future wife yet or moved away from home. I’m 23 years old, haven’t even lived a quarter of a century yet, and I’m already being asked to write my death statement? Geez, give me a break, Daily Prompt, or should I say Daily Downer. Let’s write about something cheery. There are numerous topics that could have been chosen, but you went with the three most gloomy and sad set of words in the English language: write your obituary, like you’re some glorified grim reaper. When I first loaded up the Daily Prompt page (since I still use it as a helpful fuel for my blog), I saw those three morbid words and thought “What? How am I going to write about that?” I mean, this is quite a sick prompt today and I’m not sure I want to read through a bunch of posts about death, basically suicide notes. It’s bad enough having to write an obituary for someone else, but I definitely can’t muster enough to write my own. It’s ridiculous.

Maybe if I were the President I would be writing my own obituary, planning my own funeral, but since I’m just an ordinary regular person I’m here to think about now, not writing the ending of my story.

I’m scared for the future of this Daily Prompt device. I believe it deserves its own obituary:

It was a nice place to gather ideas
A great way to jumpstart your thoughts
But then it hit a snag and relied on archives
And soon got stuck in rehash
Something happened to the spirit and enthusiasm
Of this dear device we once knew
The Daily Prompt:
A thing of the past;
It’s memory now lives on forever
In the clutches of the Internet

In Loving Memory of The Daily Prompt: 2008? – 2015

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: In Loving Memory

Write your obituary.


Author: Macbofisbil

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