Can I Have All 32 Flavors?

Icecream is an absolute guilty pleasure of mine. I simply can’t get enough of it. Bring home one of those medium cartons from the store and whatever the flavor or brand I will be opening and reopening that freezer, scooping out spoonfuls of mint, vanilla, rocky road, and other delicious flavors until someone in the other room says, “If you’re so hungry, get a bowl!”

I can’t exactly remember the first time I ever ate icecream but I believe it was when I was a year old. An image of my family, which at the time consisted of my mom, dad, uncle, and late Grandma Norma – my mom’s mom – all seated around a counter at the old Parlour in Jackson comes to mind. I’m repeatedly told stories of how I could not get enough of the icecream, used to cry when it stopped going into my little mouth. Of course I wouldn’t remember any of this but a picture of me in a baby seat situated on top of a 50s style counter and admiring this mountain of icecream being shared by the family comes to mind.

0118 Helado

“Keep it coming,” my dad would probably have said.

“Yes, he loves icecream, don’t you?,” comes the voice of my mother.

And an absent thought in the back of my mind, “Geez, don’t stuff me to death!”

I’ve always preferred plain old vanilla to any other flavor since it’s probably the “lightest” choice and always soothes my gums. My next favorite flavor would be mint chocolate chip, especially when it’s from a freshly opened container of premium icecream. The large scoops in my bowl give off this scent that reminds me of evergreen trees or walking through a fresh bed of snow.

But I could never go on one flavor for the rest of my life, as the Daily Prompt is apparently asking us to do:

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

Choosing just one? That would be preposterous, would get boring after a while, which reminds of me of having to chow through a thick, cold, and quite sickening layer of chocolate icecream from one of the Parlour’s “Monsters”. I have no idea how many flavors of this delightful treat, thought to have been discovered by Marco Polo, are exactly out there though Baskin Robbins seems to think 31 is enough, even being clever enough to incorporate it into their logo.

I’ve always wondered if sherbet (sometimes pronounced as “sherbert” – especially by my folks) really counted as “icecream” or fell more into the slush/glacier kind of desserts. It sure is fun to make mini landscapes out of it though.

How about a giant ‘Dare to Be Great”, the centerpiece of the menu at The Parlour? Eat it in under an hour by yourself and don’t pay a dime for it! You also get your name on the winners wall of those who accomplished the feat – very few actually (the last one was in 2002 before the place closed down for the first time and then reopened a few years later). 21 scoops of assorted icecream, 10 of them chosen by you, ranging from bubblegum, moose tracks, Mackinaw Island Fudge, peanut butter, and, everyone’s favorite, chocolate chip cookie dough. Devouring that down all by yourself is enough to keep your stomach aching throughout the night. Someday I’ll attempt this challenge, if The Parlour is still open by then (it keeps closing down because of financial issues). Even having my name on the “Attempted List” would be an honor, since I would be apart of the history of this grand  icecream challenge and would have the motivation to try again and do better since I would know what to expect.

But, of course, if you’re not up to the challenge, there’s always the “Baby Dare To Be Great”, just 10 scoops of icecream, but still a lot to eat even with four mouths at the table.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: 32 Flavors


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