G is for Good Beer

Well, how about that? It happens to be National Beer Day and what better than to muse a little about the drink that is probably the fuel of great human entertainment and past times all round the the world?

Time for a bit of beer snobbery…

I’m not exactly an expert on what qualifies as an excellent beer since I’ve only had a few drinks in my life. And since my pallet is not yet refined, they basically all seem to run together, are all the same. But it seems to be the cheaper the beer, the worse tasting it is, but sometimes there are exceptions as when you have no concern about the taste and are just a hard edge beer drinker, taking whatever is available.

Nearly everyone drinks beer, and you may not now but eventually will sometime along the great thread of life. The first time I had, well, any alcoholic beverage in my life (other than a minor drop of peach fuzzy navel at 13) was when I was 18 (yes, I know it’s illegal but nothing happened to me and who cares now, right?). It was a Bud Light given to me by my cousin’s boyfriend Adam. I was sitting back in a Lazy Boy chair. I first remember how bitter and strong this beer tasted, remember having to force myself to gulp it down. It wasn’t cold either, was flat. I didn’t finish the whole thing and I think I felt a bit woozy and sick afterward. My mom seemed to be so amazed that she snapped a picture of me with the bottle to my mouth. Then they tried to push it by insisting I stick a cigarette in my mouth and get a picture but my mom wouldn’t allow it. Fun times. I felt like such a badass.

On that note, here are all the beers I’ve tried in my life. I tried to list them from most favorite to least favorite but that is kind of hard when some of these have no discernible taste:

Shock Top

I’ve only tried this about two times but this flavored beer has got to be the most refreshing and satisfying of all. It’s not like regular beer that has that bland, bitter taste. Probably has the most colorful and unique artwork on the bottle as well (talking to you, Mr. Orange Slice with Sunglasses).

Pabst Blue Ribbon

The good old beer of blue collared workers, in my opinion. I only had this once during my short lived “Try A Different Beer Every Sunday” experiment. And it took me at least three days to finish it since it tasted so nasty. The “Blue Ribbon” tag of this beer kind of wore off years ago for avid beer guzzlers.

Mike’s (Hard Lemonade, Harder Lemonade)

I wouldn’t really qualify this as “beer” but nonetheless, it is hard to put down once you get started on drinking it. The taste, especially the refreshingly delicious Black Cherry version, overwhelms my taste buds but still goes down well like icecream.

Natty Light

Just had my first drink of this one tonight. Very good taste, smooth, not too bitter. This one can be compared to IceHouse since it is on the cheap side.

Bud Light

The beer that started it all for me and not one I really cared for. Too hard tasting. And since it is quite expensive to buy I think I’ll stay away from this one. It’s over hyped in commercials as well.

Blue Moon

The first and only time I consumed this beer was during my 22nd birthday at Applebee’s. And I believe all beer tastes better when poured in a glass, since that is the way I ordered it and it was a delight with the foam frothing over the top. Felt like a million bucks drinking that since it had such a crisp taste of wheat. Though I felt this strange sensation in my gut afterward which was probably the beverage riding over the meal I ate with it, like an alcoholic tidal wave being absorbed into a food soil.


Now this may be my second favorite beer of all, right under Shock Top. Had it only one time at Klavon’s Pizza in Jackson,MI while watching an NCAA tournament game with my dad and uncle and it was well worth the money. You know a beer is good when the initial good taste of it doesn’t ware off once you get down to the bottom third of the glass. Smooth all the way down and I didn’t get that sickly feeling either (which is probably a sign of my tolerance level for beer being raised).


The worst, in my opinion, but what can you expect for .99 cent beer (or cheaper in states other than Michigan)? Garbage beer. Don’t let the refreshing and cold sounding name fool you.

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