H is for Hard

This challenge is difficult,
I was not prepared
To see the hours rushing by
And the moments being spared
What to write today, always the same question,
Then the light bulb goes off and it’s time for
A nightly blogging session
To put an idea
Into thought-provoking words
For it involves a little bit of risk
And maybe the minor glimpse of reward

I could have gone with a theme
But it’s too late now
So I’ll keep on pushing my unrestricted ways
Winging it then, winging it now

I now leave you to my old rock collection
gathered in the year 2001
But of course these sediments and clam shells
Are much older than that
Heck, they’re probably much older than anyone

PTDC0003 PTDC0005 PTDC0010

April A to Z Challenge

Author: Matthy

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