W is for Waiting

Things I’m waiting for, not brought to you by the letter W:

Windows 10

Bring on a new era of technology!

This is supposed to be Microsoft’s redemption answer for the unsatisfactory Windows 8, 8.1. I’ve gotten used to my W8.1 computer though (damage aside) and really do dig the “Metro” design though the navigation is a bit clunky – and I rarely leave the desktop. Windows 10 is going to do away with the charms bar (something I actually loved) and put the apps from it in a dedicated folder somewhere. The traditional start menu is coming back and will integrate the live tiles into it, getting rid of the Metro screen. Essential “apps” like Control Panel and the Shutdown controls will more easily accessible. And some of you may have already heard a long time ago but wait for it…

Internet Explorer is officially over!

Well not technically, since the latest version, IE 11, will still be available on W10, but…

Windows 10 is going to introduce an entirely new browser, marking the end of the line for our dear old veteran of the web. It may be one similar to Chrome or Firefox that is beautiful in design and has easily accessed features and better security. Not sure what the name will be but I bet it will be something more modern and unique than simply something that mundanely describes exploring the Internet. Note: the codename as of now for the new browser is Project Spartan, and I believe that ties in with the “Halo” theme Microsoft seems to be hinting at: Cortana on Windows Phone is the computer within Master Chief who is the Spartan’s captain. Don’t ask me how I know that, I just read it from the comments on a “Project Spartan” article – I’ve never played Halo ever, which is sad for someone my age.

“Smart” Metro

There was a technical preview released for Windows 10 back in October that I could have tried but was ill advised to since I only have one computer and didn’t want to ruin it by having the preview crash, losing everything in the process, even if I did backup everything on a separate device.

Windows 10 is rumored to be due for full release in Fall 2015. I don’t have anywhere near the budget at buying it early.

This challenge to be over:

It’s been quite a rough experiment for me but I’ll be glad when this challenge (and month) is finally over so I can get back to normal blogging again. The complete lack of comments is what has bothered me but I’ll just chalk it up and move on as always.’

My latest video to be finished:

It’s in the rendering process as I write this, going glacially slow. A gameplay of Minecraft for your information. I’ve become pretty skilled at the game though I still haven’t come close to finding the ultimate material that basically makes you a respected player: diamond.

My future love:

She’s out there somewhere, maybe closer than I think. These lonely nights are great for critical thinking and writing but it does get boring sometimes. Best not to rush things though…I feel like Ted from “How I Met Your Mother” just waiting for his perfect match. 

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