One Word Photo Challenge: Storm


Rainy days and Mondays don’t get me down



It may have been just a light rainstorm in which I captured photos for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge this week, but nevertheless, I captured the beauty and essence of rain/water.

During another one of my photography walks around the park, rain falling on my head, I captured scenes that would describe what a storm is like.  The raindrops on the leaves left after the light rainstorm, a few clinging to the last reds of Spring. The flag reflecting in the puddle left on the ground. The water rushing into the stormdrain at a ferocious rate. It was quite a dreary moment, my head getting soaked, and the place quite silent except for some cars passing through the puddles on the road, making splashing sounds as I walked by on the sidewalk, hoping to not get drenched in humility.

The last picture is of an oncoming storm from last year. The clouds overhead are monstrous and cast a gloomy shadow over the city below.

There happens to be a storm occurring right now just outside my window. I wish I could provide a soundbite of it.

Author: Matthy

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