Journey Around Town

I took a little journey around my noisy industrial hometown, taking a look at the scenery, houses, and signs. Along the quiet country road, I came across the trampled grass path to a murky lake and further along were some crops that looked like cotton but I’m sure they were just ordinary flowers since cotton only grows in the hot south. It was a hot sunny day and when I finally made it back home, my face was sweaty and my feet were sore from walking the pavement. But taking this journey around the roads of my town gave me a chance to take in the fresh air and browse through my thoughts in private, except when the occasional car interrupted them. Now I’m lying on a comfortable bed in a hotel in Wisconsin, having taken a 300 something mile journey across the Midwest heartland of America. They’re notoriously known as ‘flyover states’ but the Midwest does have a lot to look at and things to do if you happen to be taking a trip to my home state of Michigan or one of its border states. Avoid the city of Gary, Indiana though – that place either has a backed up sewer line or the the smog from the factories is leaving an odor in the air, because it stinks really bad.

 Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #18

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Journey.”

Author: Matthy

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