Nobody Expected Me To…But Here I Am

There is not one person in the world that I would limit this blog to. It is open to anyone who takes precious time out of their day to read it.  I don’t write for one specific type of person because that would get boring after a while. After all, no one asked me to start this blog or gave me the inspiration to; it was of my own personal interest, my own need to fulfill something in my life – to have a place on the Internet to call my own and could succeed with. And it really became mine once I dropped the .wordpress from my URL, leaving this quirky but cool name that would be vague to unknown bystanders.

There’s always the classic “If I could go back in time I would change this…” Well, if I could go back nearly two years ago to the inception of this blog, I might have chosen a different name, something that was a little more familiar and less vague on the surface to viewers. Something that people would understand.

My name has a YouTube feel to it because it was made for YouTube in the first place, a year before I even thought about going truly anonymous and starting on WordPress. True, my blog persona is an acronym that describes the ideal life one might want to live (check out my About page), but over time those words have started to lose their meaning as I have begun to develop a style and learn the ropes of blogging that I had neglected to work on for a long time, simply because there were none to me in the beginning. I wrote because I wanted to, more off of an impulse than anything else which led to an unorthodox development. Things are more predictable nowadays – it’s either the Daily Prompt, a photo challenge, or going completely on my own (which is rare for me these days) to feelings of anxiety and nervousness that no one will ever see the post – which happened not too long ago.

And I’m still quite alone outside the blogosphere than on the inside – I believe my faraway aunt in California is the only family member to have taken a look at my blog and that was after I had sent her my sitelink in a text message. She said she loved my poetry which was great to hear since it is one of the highlights of my recent development but not something I ever intended to become the backbone of my blog. I love writing poetry, time to time, because it offers me free expression, but it can be hard to know when to rhyme or not rhyme something and if anyone is going to “dig it”.

I never intended for my little corner of the internet to survive past a few months and now that it is going strong on nearly two years, I really don’t see an end in sight. But if everyone, my followers,  just decided to jump off my ship today and leave me alone at least I would know there is one person who would be guaranteed to read my blog: me.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singular Sensation.”

If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them?

Author: Macbofisbil

Welcome to "Macbofisbil: An Awesome Mind", a place where you will find all sorts of interesting stories, pictures, and advice on life in general.

One thought on “Nobody Expected Me To…But Here I Am”

  1. Yes! What a beautiful blog entry! I love reading all about the wonderfulness of blogging and how surprised one is when one day when they realize that they’ve met your muse!

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