Not Enough Nightmare Fuel

I don’t have a lot of nightmares. Lots of unusual, incomprehensible dreams but not nightmares where I could actually feel a sense of dread. There’s just not enough nightmare fuel for anything creepy to popup or it might be that I’m quite immune to these things. Not even Five Nights At Freddy’s could turn my slumber hours into an REM horror.

I think the last real nightmare I had consisted of my dad lying on a raft sinking into a dark swamp and being quickly covered in a bunch of rats (weird, I know). The worst part is when I simply walked ahead onto solid land just before a spooky forest of trees, looked back at my dad being swallowed by the swamp, and muttered, “He wasn’t worth it anyway.” He was lying face up on the makeshift raft in a way akin to one lying in their deathbed. I could sense a sort of sadness and despair, could slightly hear an eerie orchestra playing as a deep regrettable sorrow washed over me. I would miss him, but at the same time was glad to see him go.

I think this nightmare may stem from the fact that I haven’t always seen eye to eye with my father. He’s always tried to control my life, program me into doing everything his way but I’ve always had a free-spirited, independent mind to not be swayed the way his father did to him. I guess because there was a long stretch in my life where I only saw him maybe two times a week that I sort of drifted apart, became my own person instead of a chip off the old block, like they always say. I see him a lot more today than the times just after the divorce and he tends to want to help me with life, but there’s still this gap between us, this valley of differences; he’s living as he did maybe twenty years ago with the same haircut, clothes, and dry sense of humor while I’ve been a little more varied in my looks and tastes in just about everything.

I remember a version of this prompt being used a few months ago, my response to it being an assortment of dreams I had in the past and blended into a twisting story of fear and the supernatural.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nightmares.”

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

Author: Matthy

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