Let’s Go To Work

Unemployment offices are like the butler or the security guard – you don’t realize they’re there until you need them. They’re also the sign of a sad, pathetic fact in this world: there are a small percentage of “winners” and a much larger percentage of “losers”, the ones that got the short end of the stick when it came to life.

If the state of Michigan was to do one thing right before the end of 2015, besides casting a magic spell on all the torn up roads, I would love for them to mandate a rule that everyone over the age of 16 but under the age of 65 (the AARP threshold) in the state is employed in some way or at least has some sort of regular legitimate income, whether it be mowing lawns, donating plasma, or running a car wash. Get rid of the unemployment rate completely, have a productive society where everyone has a role and works to give the state a good reputation. No more of this homeless street corner bull or living off of unemployment checks. If you aren’t working, you get jail time, much the same way it is with delinquent grade-schoolers. The unemployment rate is like that stain you can’t seem to get out of the carpet, until you give up and buy a new one, preferably from IKEA.

Of course, it is a pipedream fantasy that every one of the legal working age could have a job, since there are only so many to go around, but if this requirement were forced into the minds of the lazy and good for nothings they would try anything they could to find work, even in another state. It would make more sense to keep track of those that aren’t working in some way by having them wear a tamper-resistant tracking device and report their location; if they aren’t at work during a certain period of time, it’s a penalty. If that sounds quite communist or like something from science fiction, well you’re quite correct, but there would have to be a way to enforce this new requirement to make it effective. I, for one, am part of the 7.5%, a major improvement by the way, and wouldn’t mind a little bit of motivation to really try and land a nice paying job. Even if I were forced to wear a SCEM bracelet (Secure Continuous Employment Monitoring), I would feel like a productive part of society. Of course, if I happened to win a million bucks than I would tell the law where they could stick that SCEM.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dear Leader.”

If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing this year, what would you like that to be?


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