Weekly Photo: Off-Season

Other than the four traditional seasons known to the world, there is a fifth one practiced by hard-blooded Americans and anyone else who craves the sound of helmets clashing and the thrill of being involved with the hoopla of sportscasters and media going back and forth all day in discussing the pigskin game. This season is known, unofficially, as Can’t Wait For Football To Return, pointing toward people’s growing hunger to see another game of televised football for the first time since the Super Bowl in early February, going to any lengths to get some taste of the popular sport. That could be tuning into shows specifically put on to present the next years schedule, or watching the OTAs (off-season training assessments).

I’m mainly thinking of the NFL, but CW4FTR could apply to any level of football in general (high school, college, pro, even arena (silly) football). The off-season of football is a season in itself for the sport. Teams are preparing for the start of the new season by looking at their current rosters and seeing what’s needed and what needs to go, getting everyone in shape, designing plays and tricks (especially in advance of the teams first game), and preparing for the draft by taking a look at prospective college players. For the super dedicated fan during this time-period, it’s five or six months of drooling over their computer waiting for the latest exciting news to be released and the anticipation of the first pre-season game for their respected team.

It’s been since early February

That the pigskin lay to rest

They’re getting anxious

Starting to look like the Wild West

Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season.


Author: Macbofisbil

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