Generation Tech

“Kids these days…”, they always say about the generation immediately following theirs. That’s something I’m already muttering in my early 20s at the kids that enjoy nonsensical pop trash and teeny bopper music and seem to have no interest in anything else. The kids born in the latter half of the 21st centry so far will never know what the world was like before the Internet and all of the social media portals out there. Kids that are setting out to have careers posting six second videos on Vine or using Instagram as a way to get famous and seem to think it’s the most important thing in the world, shutting out everything else, anger me, because I’ve think they’ve forgetten or have never known there was more to do out there, such as having a life outside. It’s the young kids or ones in their early teens thinking goofing off in front of a camera and making vulgar language is what gets them far in life…and it’s sad to say but there are career pathways for that and lots of money to be earned.

I may technically be apart of this generation since I was born at the start of the 90s and have grown up mostly in the 21st century, but I tend to think I’m from a time when the Internet was just a mere infant, television wasn’t quite HD yet, but fuzzy and kind of blah looking, and mobile phones were still big ugly bricks. When I think of my early childhood, I think of the shows I used to watch and when I look at the shows young’uns are watching today and seem to enjoy, I question them a bit because the programs just don’t look that good to me. Maybe it’s just my age, but it seems as if kid shows are more adult oriented now and way too modern looking with all the gadgets in them.

What I understand the least from the generation of people after me, or “Generation Z”, people born in the mid 90s to early 21st century:

How all of these memes and viral sensations get started and why I’m always one of the last to know about them. And why everyone seems to go wild over them and then as soon as something new comes along, they forget about it. Before 2005, the most exciting thing I could most likely find on the Internet was the dancing baby.

Why so many kids now are resorting to the selfie, the most narcissistic form of entertainment on the Internet. One or two on occasion is nice but when one dedicates a whole album or website to one, that is where things start getting weird. The whole “me, me, me” attitude and vibes of just wanting attention irritate me, but I’m probably being a hypocrite because I have done the same thing.

Why young kids are so into “Call of Duty”, “Minecraft”, and other games devoting entire fan clubs around them. On YouTube, the majority of gaming videos seem to be centered around those two games, which gets quite annoying for me. It’s also a bit annoying when there are entire channels devoted to one game, as if we have enough videos of them already. I don’t plan my whole day or week around playing these games and I’m sure not going to devote my whole life to them.

When I see kids with smartphones and tablets. Seriously? Start them at a young age, I guess.

What I can learn from the Zeds:

How to stay young, fresh minded and have a realist look about the future, knowing how to obtain goals instead of just flirting with them. It seems as if all Zeds have no fear at all when it comes to the idea of advancing in this world. They all want to succeed and aren’t letting any strings hold them back. Many of them know very well how to grasp an audience and build a brand in the digital age, as if they were born for it, and that is something I really want to get a hold of. The Zeds are also really big on entrepreneurship and being self-sufficient, and in a kind of world that is putting more pressure on one to take things into their own hands and be more creative, this is a skill that I definitely would love to hone.

I’m still not sure what generation pool I fall into. I could be a millennial (Generation Y) or post-millennial (Generation Z). It’s a bit of crisis for me. In terms of this post, I could be talking about what I least like about my own generation and why I just don’t seem to fit into it at times.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Generation XYZ.”

Think about the generation immediately younger or older than you. What do you understand least about them — and what can you learn from them?

Author: Matthy

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2 thoughts on “Generation Tech”

  1. I know, right? The young ones are so forward and fearless these days and they do know how to hold an audience, as if they were born for it. Us, early twenties adults, just falls in the middle I guess. As I see it, we are the ones who had the best of both worlds. 🙂

  2. I’m verry impressed with your response. I feel compelled to add that what’s ultimately more important is that you just be yourself regardless of others.

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