A Letter To 2035

Dear 44 year old self,

Hello, this is Matt, the 24 year old version of you in 2015. How are you doing, my middle aged pal? Shocked? Don’t believe me? Then write me back asking me what my what my most used password is. We should have the same answers.

Is 2035 any thing different than right now? Has Google finally taken over the entire Internet, deciding to call it the Googlenet? Does Facebook, or should I say, Googlebook or Gbook for short, now let you upload your mind to a profile? Humans must have colonized on Mars by then with radio, television, Internet, and phone systems having been set up. Are you living on Mars? Was the mission so successful that NASA is going ahead with plans to also colonize on the Moon?

You surely have flying cars in 2035? Are they providing any real significance in the way people travel or are they just a bothering nuisance? Self-driving cars are being produced and tested right now by Google. Are they available to drive recreationally in your time or did that idea fizzle and die years ago, after multiple accidents? Sorry if I’m asking too many questions.

I really want to know about you personally. Hopefully you are happily married and have some wonderful kids. I’m betting you finally got that head chef position at a fancy restaurant after graduating from the Culinary Institute of Michigan. Maybe you finally got the confidence to open up your own?

At around age 44, you should have a plan to save up for retirement, because I’ve heard it’s not cherries and cream once you get there. So have you already been? Maybe I’m a millionaire in 2035 and you can send some money back to me in a letter to the past…if it works that way.

Well, keep on chugging away in the future, or present…if you are still there (life has funny decisions).


Your Younger Self In 2015

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From You to You (Part 2)”

Author: Matthy

Welcome to "MatthySun: An Awesome Mind", a place where you will find all sorts of interesting stories, pictures, and advice on life in general.

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