Visiting Lincoln’s Tomb

Yesterday my stay in Springfield took a trip down memory lane – the memory lane of one of our most celebrated presidents. This year marks the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination and people today still pay their respects to him by visiting Oak Ridge cemetery every year. Walking through the halls of the mausoleum was like going back in time. I could sense the state of preserved history in the air. Kind of eerie and creepy, I might add. Like I was disturbing the peace.

 photo lincoln7_zpsis1tpjvp.jpgWelcome to the tomb. Historically preserved since 1960.
 photo lincoln10_zps43peuxog.jpg
Young Abraham Lincoln
 photo lincoln9_zpsznycep4l.jpg
Lincoln’s head bust sculpted by Gorzam Borglum. The nose is gold because of many tourists rubbing it for good luck.
 photo lincoln8_zpsyjcmd2xu.jpg
Centerpiece of Lincoln’s tomb, a small replica of the piece at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C.

lincoln11Honest Abe on his horse
 photo lincoln2_zpstmfjmzeh.jpg
Lincoln’s chair from the side
 photo lincoln1_zpsjvsfdbww.jpg
Burial headstone of Lincoln. He’s buried ten feet under.
 photo lincoln4_zpsubnkbl2x.jpg
“Gold nose” from the side
 photo lincoln3_zpsb4lrdbaf.jpg
Lincoln Tomb obelisk. The tomb also houses Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd, and his son Robert Tadd. Mary Lincoln had quite bad luck because her husband was assassinated and three of her four sons all died before adulthood.
 photo lincoln5_zpsdeo5oape.jpg
Lincoln’s chair from the back. The man, the myth, the legend.


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