Shrimp Lobster: Photo A Week Challenge

Nancy Merrill’s photo a week challenge today asked for photographs that fill the entire frame or at least dominate as the main subject. I last did one of her challenges back in March and this kind of serves as a supplement to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

For my mother’s birthday this year in August, we all went to Finley’s, a favorite restaurant to go for special occasions in my hometown. The last time we were there, a redheaded waitress got pissed off at us for not leaving her a tip – and the service was very good. The next day when I was in the college library, her d-bag boyfriend saw me and stopped me to ask if I would give him the tip money to give to his girlfriend. And no, I did not give him any money because he was acting very mean and demanding. I left the library in a reluctant behavior.

Now, dad said I could order anything I wanted off the menu since he was paying for it. Well, not to take too big advantage of this apparent loophole statement and break his wallet, I ordered a $15 shrimp and lobster mac & cheese dish besides the $20 succulent lobster. I expected it to be a small dish that wouldn’t take me long to eat. Was I wrong. It was at least 3 inches thick of juicy shrimp and lobster and a yummy, cheesy base of the best macaroni I’ve ever tried. Topped with a delicious mixture of Parmesan cheese, Italian spices, and breadcrumbs.


This was a dish I had to take home in a box. There was just so much there to eat and it was really filling but probably the best dish I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Luckily, I always have my camera with me in case I want to get delicious pictures of my meals in restaurants. Maybe I should start a food journal.

Author: Matthy

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