Fantasy Football Decision

It’s that time of year again
When the excitement reaches fever pitch
When the gurus come out the woodworks
Everyone thinks they know the sitch

I’ll pull out the charts,
the stats, the notes,
Pour blood, sweat, and tears
Into this game of couch riding dolts

Is it Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers?
AP or Arian?
Who will I choose in the draft?
What’s my unique name?
How about The Flying Hair again?

What site should I choose?
Should I play for cash or play for free?
Does getting involved with the league of leagues
Really mean the death of me?

It may seem silly
To the unaware virgin
But this game is quite fun
They’ve got millionaires emerging

I’ve been playing this game
for a number of years
Have faced numerous decisions,
researching, my ultimate fears

But I’ve finally come to realize
Just what I’m doing, exactly
Counting on millionaires
to fulfill my football fantasy

Anyone who has played NFL fantasy football would get this.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Decisions, Decisions.”

Author: Matthy

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4 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Decision”

  1. Now this is true decision making.

    I use a devilish decision mix of guts, stats, luck and prayer. I have been playing for five years and only ended my best year as high as second place.

    I play only ESPN now, however, that may change as I may return back to play the NFL’s fantasy league.

    However, no more Yahoo league for me, it was taking to much time away from my blogging and writing to manage three different leagues. Good luck with your season.

    How, bout them COWBOYS!!! 🙂

    1. I play on as well, but like you said, blogging and playing fantasy football just don’t seem to mix well, the dedication factor and all. Yes, it is a lot of stats, luck, and guts, but mostly luck.
      I’m a Lions fan, BTW. So…go Lions!

  2. I used to play. Yahoo–the free game. Had some legendary moments and seasons, but like you say: These weren’t my accomplishments. I have not played in several years, nor have I watched the sitcom The League, which my girlfriend enjoyed even though I had to explain some FFB elements. (She gets football; fantasy football eludes her.) Good poem.

    Thank you for the award, Matt; I will be acknowledging it this week.

    1. I won the league championship in my first year playing on but only because everyone else neglected their teams and didn’t make any important roster updates. I don’t like to take the game too seriously since it is a fantasy. Your fate is in the players hands. All you do is pick which ones you think will perform the best. Might as well just sit back and watch the game without worrying too much. I’ve never seen The League either but saw a hilarious trailer for it years back.

      Thanks for accepting my award. I really appreciate it and can’t wait to see your acknowledgement post!

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