Sepia + Scene

Just playing with JNW’s topic generator today for fun brought up the words Sepia + Scene. Well, how fitting. I have some pictures I’ve wanted to post of my trip to Ann Arbor a few days ago for my 24th. I was inspired to post this after seeing Judy Dykstra-Brown do the same thing, because mimicry is always a nice thing in blogland. photo annarborsepia_zpswkh1qvsr.jpgState Street in Ann Arbor filtered in sepia tone. That’s an old fashioned parking garage.

 photo annarbor2sepia_zpsispjmnoe.jpg
Downtown Ann Arbor
 photo metersepia_zpsiqepmcaj.jpg
A parking meter: something I’ve never seen at home

It’s a college like atmosphere in Downtown Ann Arbor being that the University of Michigan is located right in this area. But it wasn’t that busy, won’t be until the first semester starts up this September. As I was walking down the way, I saw an old couch, a desk, and some other junk by the curb that one was throwing out of their apartment. I was instantly reminded of How I Met Your Mother and how every time something would be placed outside on the street curb, it would disappear mysteriously the next time the main cast checked on it. A gimmicky plot device among numerous ones in the show’s nine seasons.

Our destination: Buffalo Wild Wings on the left. It was a great restaurant to eat at. The atmosphere was very calm and exceeded my expectations. The rating for this place said the service was bad and the food mediocre, telling us to not go here, but our waitress did her job perfectly and my Big Jack Daddy Burger could not have been more delicious.

 photo onionrings_zpsaygw74cu.jpg

I thought this B-Dubs, as it’s famously nicknamed, would be rowdy but maybe that’s because the football season hasn’t started up yet. Then it really turns into a sports bar. This night was more like Olive Garden, ha ha.

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12 thoughts on “Sepia + Scene”

    1. Here’s the description from the restaurant’s website: “hickory-smoked pulled pork, fried onion rings, cheddar jack cheese and our signature Honey BBQ™ sauce on an already mouth-watering burger” Yes, it is a delicious burger. Thanks for liking a bunch of my posts. I enjoy your blog as well.

      1. That sounds like a tasty burger and you’re welcome.
        I’ve been pretty lazy at reading other peoples blogs and I’m trying to break the habit. Who knew there was some really cool stuff to read on other people’s blogs? Well everyone but me apparently…

  1. We did the Ann Arbor street show one year. There were so many people there, that you could only walk in one direction around the square and you were pressed so tight I felt like I could pick up my feet and just be carried along by the press of the crowd. Good show. Lots of people but as i recall the sales weren’t very good for some reason. We were selling art lamps and someone said I should bring out my jewelry(that hadn’t been juried in). I did so, and my sales saved the day.

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