Sense of Touch: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Here is my set of interesting shots for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Touch. It’s quite interesting to photograph things that normally wouldn’t be that great of interest to me, but yet another photo challenge refines my photographic eye (and hopefully memory).

Touching a light pole - cold and hard
My hand touching a light pole – cold and hard. The world is upside down because I thought this looked more interesting that way.
Prickly weeds – I’ve learned not to touch these but the lawn mower has a field day with them
Water coming down from the house spigot
The monster weed in greater detail
My cat on a soft bed of pillows – a combination of soft things
Sharp – the edge of this can lid that I cut my finger on a few days ago. Ouch!
Dandelion – soft, delicate, and expendable
Hard rock – literally. A close up of a crack in the driveway which looks like it contains a deep chasm of inescapable porportions.
Plastic Chewbacca
U can touch this weed
What use is a golf ball without a club?

Author: Matthy

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