Life After College

OK, so you graduated college and have gotten a degree. Great job, kid. Go on and celebrate all the hard work. You’re on top of the world right now. No one is going to bring you down.

The next day: Now it’s time to find a job. Better get on the Internet and start applying. There are so many opportunities out there and you are offered lifetime assistance, but it’s up to you seek them out. Your job everyday from now on is to look for a job. They aren’t going to come to you. Don’t procrastinate. Get your priorities straight. That rhymes, isn’t that great?

One year later: Still an unemployed kid living at home who has taken an interest in something other than his degree’s field, that drafting and design degree looking more and more like a back pocket deal. He now is looking to go to photography school and get a Bachelor’s degree in that field, which may lead to his long time dream of opening a photography/videography business coming true.

So far on my life after graduating college for the first time in 2014:

I walk by that girl at the local supermarket today and she gives me a look of disgust, trying to avoid walking near me. I was walking down the aisle, just minding my own business, feeling really good about myself, when I see this woman who gives me the dirtiest look, turning her head away from me as if I looked bad or something. True, I was unshaven, hair unkempt, and wearing a “Redneck Fishing” t-shirt over some dingy looking shorts, but people are so judgmental. I’m a nice looking, handsome guy, this being validated by nearly everyone I meet, not just my family, so this is just one of those people that judge off first impressions. I may not always look my best. I felt like a weight had been dropped on me but I sucked it up and just walked ahead to the electronics section, picking out another poster for my wall, a “Music Inspires Me” selection, since it really does help me through some tough moments and pushes me to reach my goals. And music is just cool.

Life after high school and college – it sure sucks some time. You are no longer living in a fantasy anymore and have to face the wide world which doesn’t care about you at all if you’re not famous or have anything going for you. When you feel insignificant and hear all the talk about those rich celebs on TV day after day after day on The Talk, The View, and other womanly gossip shows, constantly drilling it into your head that that’s the life to live and what you are doing right now isn’t important at all. When you see those beautiful people on TV relaxing in California and going to the fanciest of venues, getting to go to all the sporting events and sit in the luxury seats. Justin Bieber is one of those people I so dislike, his always smug look of satisfaction, the fact that he gets away with all kinds of crap, and the fact that he can have anything, and anyone, in the world, while I simply can’t. We are both human and live on the same planet with just miles between us but one has more privileges because he has more money and fame. Strip all that stuff away and we would be both the same. It’s odd how life works. It’s odd how everything, even human beings, can have a price tag added to them. In the end we are all the same, because all of the money and possessions can’t be taken with you – unless there is a special method being developed to transport it to the afterlife.

It seems as if the years after graduating high school and college have brought me one harsh reality after another: that I’m not Sand will have to work really hard to get anywhere in life. When I suddenly feel really alone, that icy chilliness, and all my “friends” are gone, many of them to faraway states. When I realize some of the kids from my senior class have gotten into top colleges and have great jobs right now and have really excelled, while I’m still humbly sitting here at home writing a blog everyday because I don’t have a job, my autistic disability being a problem. I hate when one of them brags on Facebook about having gone to a foreign country like Germany or having started a sweet career as a model and I get that jealous feeling that I’m not as good as them, when in fact I have talents of my own – writing for instance.

I could be having a really good day and really feeling highly about myself when all of a sudden I go on Facebook and the first thing that pops up is a post about someone’s grand achievement that is amazingly popular with hundreds of people “liking” it and I feel a little on the outside of this because I never get that kind of response on any of my posts. I know I shouldn’t have this envious feeling about others having more superior and exciting lives but I can’t help but put my life in perspective and have it be compared to theirs. What I must remember though is that my life is just as good as theirs. I’ve got so many people that care about me and what to see me succeed. I must believe in what I want to achieve, which in my case right now is becoming a writer! Who would have thought that a couple years ago? Time has a way of changing things.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mountaintops and Valleys.”

Describe a time when you quickly switched from feeling at the top of the world to sinking all the way down (or vice versa). Did you learn anything about yourself in the process?


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