The Flangiprop Effect


The flangiprop, a portmanteau of the two words flange (informal spelling of phalange for finger) and prop, anything used to supplement a play or show or hold something up, is the world’s most commonly used and obsessed about object.

There is nearly no one these days without a mobile device. It is why the word ‘selfie’ has found a niche place among the photographic realm and why Instagram exists. Why there are so many narcissists these days, mainly among the 18-20 something crowd. Why searching the Internet is no longer a complicated process but is literally at your fingertips.

Having a flangiprop in your hand is liking wielding a sword or gun. It is an extension of you and gives you great power. Without it, you feel vulnerable and cut off from the world.

A flangiprop for televisions was invented because people were too lazy to get up and change the channel or adjust the volume. Why get up from the couch when you can just use a remote to control nearly everything? Take a look at the pre-flangiprop TV days and now and you will see the difference between the healthy and fit and the obese.

My first flangiprop in the phone sense was a Marble flip phone from Virgin Mobile. The best thing about it was the game “Brick Break”, which I played nightly. This is where I learned how to text. The screen got busted one day though when the phone was in my back pocket and I accidentally sat on it while sitting down at lunch. It was the phone I put in the first number I ever received from a girl and I was going to call her but the busted screen blocked everything and she said she was already dating somebody.

Flangiprops have evolved over the years. As phones, they used to be big and bulky, those huge brick mobile phones that had a long antenna. Then they only got smaller and more complex. Smaller phones with screens brought about the texting generation. Then flip phones added style and personality. Slider phones were a short fad in the early 2000s, offering a slide out keyboard for easier typing. Finally, the iPhone came around and touch, elegance, and simplicity were the main focus. Android started up to rival iOS and the two now go hand in hand for the most part, besides not allowing cross-running of apps. The shape of all smartphones is basically uniform. Apps are what rule the phones now and what make them so marketable. Careers have been started up because of the popularity of apps on these flangiprops.

But let’s not forget about iPads and other tablets. These flangiprops are also very useful. They act as smaller mobile computers with almost the full capabilities of a laptop but not quite. You can carry your flangiprop tablet anywhere you want and pull it out with ease and use it while walking but using a laptop like that would be awkward.

The last flangiprop gaming device I possessed was a Gameboy Advance back in 2004. My very first game for the GBA was named Denki Blocks!, a fun and challenging puzzle game that I have recently rediscovered as an online game and is just as addicting as it was back then.

Now flangiprop gaming isn’t all that specialized anymore or too expensive or cumbersome, having to buy the games separately in stores, with games being available to download on smartphones and tablets. You can now do everything from texting, picture-taking, emailing, Internet, and gaming all from one flangiprop, different from the 90s and early 2000s when handheld gaming was limited to a specialized gaming device from the company.

Sometimes, one should put down their flangiprops (whatever they are used for) and learn to have real conversations face to face instead of being immersed in technology. I don’t have this problem since I don’t use my phone much but I am on my laptop constantly every day. I suppose that would count as a flangiprop in a way since I use my fingers to operate it.

So that is what flangiprop means. This is not an entirely new thing because they have been around since antiquity in the forms of slates and stone tablets. Even stone age humans used rocks and spears as flangiprops. A pen or a pencil is also a flangiprop. Basically anything you hold in your hand or use your hands to manipulate is this awesome word created by the Daily Post crew.

I believe I’ve stated my case great enough for this to be added to the new edition of Merriam-Webster. I’m hoping they listen to me, because I believe this deserves just as much love as ‘twerk’.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Flangiprop!.”

Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post. 

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