A Walk in the Electric Meadow

My curiosity got the best of me again.

Today I took a walk in the thick meadow behind some houses in front of mine where the powerline structures are situated, a first. I was kind of nervous at first because I didn’t know what was out in this area, if wildlife was hiding in the tall brush or if I was going to get in trouble (a plane went by overhead and then took a sharp turn somewhere, hopefully not to the authorities). I jumped a few times when I heard rustling in the stalks, thinking a snake was going to slither out but it was just the wind. I went as far as the outskirts of a farm (below) because of it being private property.

Meadow walk Power tower Powerlines Electric pylons

When man erected the first powerlines, they didn’t do it with aesthetics in mind at first. After the sky became blocked out by jumbles of wires belonging to multiple technologies, a more organized approach in environmentalism and safety was taken with the dangers of living too close to powerlines being raised. They can cause serious health effects to humans in some cases.

Electric pylonsWalk in the Meadow Walk in the MeadowI didn’t worry about that, fortunately. It was quite an adventure, one teetering on the edge of danger I have to say.


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