Resentment is Therapy

That humorous quote couldn’t sum up my post any better.

A grudge is like the ghostly remains of an argument or fight. You carry it around with you like the old ball and chain. It is the final bullet in the gun that you keep for later. You hope the other person will bow down to you and give in to your little charade, that what you are doing is a type of revenge.

Well, I got news for you…having one is probably the best thing that can happen to you. It can have a therapeutic effect and make you turn inward and see what your true feelings are towards a person or thing – like my computer that is constantly slowing down and being unresponsive even if this is a “new” one that replaced the broken one. I resent it everyday by thinking of it as a “cheap, low-grade, and inferior” piece of tech everytime a couple of open programs throw it into a berserk state.

That being said, holding a grudge for too long, like say, past 5 years, is just silly. By that time, the person who insulted you will have probably moved on. Life is too short for such trivial matters anyway. So best be right to forgive and forget than carrying that extra weight around.

Go out and enjoy the sunshine. Marvel at the finer points in life. You are special in your own way and no one can take that away.

My grudges might stem from:

  • Insults targeted at me online
  • Cutdowns and discouraging words aimed at me
  • People that have stolen from me (my whole collection of state quarters)
  • Greedy people who think they deserve more
  • Friends who have excelled much more than I and they now don’t seem to remember or even recognize me anymore.

My most silent and dormant grudge that remains in the back of my mind is the one against Vector Marketing, a shady business that egged me on and duped me with false information back in May when I briefly worked for them, though in this case I wasn’t employed but a self contractor, creating my own schedule. They just sent me a check yesterday for a grand total of…drum roll, please…


It took them almost six months to send me a check that would be good enough to purchase a Whopper at BK. Seriously, what is up with this ridiculous business plan? They probably still think I’m working for them, even if I voluntarily quit after one week. The last time I got a letter in the mail telling me there were “multiple job opportunities” available in sales and marketing, I promptly ripped the letter into pieces, now very well aware of the evil monster they are. Sure, a lot of people have become successful with them, even moving up to the top of the organization, but getting there is not practical and not full of any benefits all.

The funny thing is, I still have the knife kit they gave to me for presentations, even if I was supposed to send it back or buy it when I quit. Not going to use it for my own practical kitchen use though, in case they ever send in the black helicopters and demand the kit back or else.

I forgive and forget very easily though because I don’t have the heart to continue hating someone. It takes too much energy and doesn’t make my day better. There are better things to worry about. Once the differences are settled and fences have been mended, there is no reason to carry on like a virtual episode of Star Trek with the Klingons and Federation on either side of the Neutral Zone.

The Daily Prompt is not working again, our self-relied upon system of spoon fed ideas, and my resentment towards this device that continues to betray my trust has now grown to the point where I’m about to just set off on my own again (I did it before), and truly see if I have what it takes to survive in this highly competitive field that keeps throwing me curveballs.

But no, I’ll forget about their mishaps and be back again tomorrow, soaking up the luxury of not being stranded and having no one to turn to.

Now on to this Grudge…

In Response to the Daily Prompt: I Can’t Stay Mad At You

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

Author: Matthy

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3 thoughts on “Resentment is Therapy”

  1. As an individual, I am ill-equipped to hold resentments, I will leave that for stronger people. Justified or not, I no longer can afford to do that. So I try to figure out what it is causing me to feel it, and have compassion for the other party involved. All in all, it is easier said than achieved.

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