Reminisce or Just Break Away

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When you take a new computer out of its box for the first time, there is an excitement and eagerness to dive into an untapped creative stream. You hope for the best with this new machine, that no viruses or other forms of malware will plague it and send it to the same metal and plastic grave of others before it. You hope this becomes the final piece of magic and will serve you well for years to come that not even a brand spanking new piece of tech on TV will sway you to give it up.

But of course, that’s never the case. Love is lost when you say “this sucks” and then won again when you realize “at least it works for me.”

The second coming of Toshiba fared better than the first. No cracks or missing screws in the keyboard case this time. But the same screwball issues happen, a lot to do with the system’s cheapness, mostly to do with my recklessness and constant use of the OS’s facilities.

I’ve been working on a laptop for over a year now, away from the bulky desktop, blogging taking up most of its operating time than ever before. There was never a time other than now when most of the tabs in my browser feature the blue WordPress logo, a complete flip of before when it was mostly YouTube and Google related things. The browser will rarely close because of multiple post editing tabs being open, which I make a few changes to before finally releasing them for good from the great “tab train”.

When I bought the first version of this laptop in June 2014, my blogging life was non-existent and way in the rear view mirror as I was busy with college. I graduated that month and was excited about my future prospects with a degree in my grasp. SolidWorks 2014,the CAD program that I used during the final part of my degree program, was one of the first programs installed on Toshiba Windows 8. It was on a limited trial unless I got a license from the company Dassault (pronounced “Da-so”, not “Da salt”), but that wasn’t going to happen because I “stole” the software CD from my internship and wasn’t officially hooked into the “system”. I returned it though, placing the CD inconspicuously under a folder.

This laptop, like its damaged predecessor, hardly ever gets shut down or restarted. The only times those options ever come into effect are when the computer decides to go into a semi-coma and then mysteriously restart itself without my consent, a bold “screw you” if there ever was. All of the programs I was working with, such as Photoshop and Chrome, are closed down. Fortunately, when I reopen Chrome, all of my previous tabs can be retrieved again with the handy restore option.

The luster of Windows 10 has died off ever since I installed it in July. The assistant Cortana hardly says anything to me and I hardly ever ask her any questions. Sometimes I can’t even access the Start menu because of the system going so slow (again, my problem because of so many tabs being open).

I would like to go out and enjoy the world more often and spend less time on Toshiba 2.0, but the truth is that there is hardly anything to see. It’s not like I live near a bustling city with stores and restaurants nearby; I live way in the back of a mobile home park about two miles away from the nearest gas station and 7-Eleven. To get anywhere fun or interesting, I first have to walk about a mile to get of the park, and then have to go down the long road where an endless stream of cars roar by me. With a bike, getting away would be easy, sans for the steep sidewalk, and I could be there and back again on a comfortable ride home, but at least I get a lot of exercise with my legs the standard way.

As the months roll on and seasons change again and again, I realize I need a change of scenery once and a while. Staying the same is good for routine and comfort but brings about a staleness as the world continues to revolve. I want to continue blogging, but I realize there are so many other opportunities out there and I don’t want to miss them. The high importance of this daily activity has decreased and I’ve begun to realize I need to get my (bleep) together.

At least a couple of new things happened this past week and today, pulling me out of the monotony hole that I was falling into: the dining room table was officially moved into the living room for Thanksgiving and stayed there after…and I got my plugged up ear cleaned out with a simple home remedy. I should do that more often because feeling like a broken pair of headphones is not fun.

In Response to the Daily Prompt: Bloggers, Unplugged

Sometimes, we all need a break from these little glowing boxes. How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?


Author: Macbofisbil

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5 thoughts on “Reminisce or Just Break Away”

  1. If you enjoy the photojournalism as much as I suspect, I bet you get out more than you think … many times. Additional ‘hobbies’ are important to a blogger/writer and a photo/journalist. They need a fire for life!!! My two ‘hobbies’ are archaeology and astronomy along with learning more about photography.

    1. It’s a great way to express myself, through photos. I feel that you get more out your hobby by labeling yourself according to your interest. By saying I am a blogger, photographer, photojournalist, etc. I am putting confidence into what I do and wanting to take the next step to make it a professional career.

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