New York No Seller

If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

The title of my own personal memoir might be: The Man Who Tried To Fly Close to the Sun But Ended Up Getting Scared and Seeking Shelter in the Spaceship.

A book on my life? Oh, geez. I wonder where this one would end up – on the dollar tree shelf no doubt, getting overlooked along with all the other non-descript no names.

I’m going to read a book about me from cover to cover? Okay, that is a possibility, if I manage to get past the first few chapters and lots of dull parts and if I had a huge ego and was really into myself. Why does the Daily Prompt always give us these “you must” things? What would happen if I didn’t read the book all the way through? Is there a gun to my head? I digress – they are only trying to push us to become better writers and have to give us ultimatums.

You know you are a washed up celebrity when your book is worth $5 or less at the Family Dollar, like the book by Danica McKellar that I saw today and briefly went through – it was about math. She played Winnie on The Wonder Years and has basically done nothing since. Unlike her being a Hollywood actresss and having some claim to fame though, my life is as boring as a can of soup, hence the picture. I mean, you can try to spin it anyway you want, but at the end of the day it’s still me, my computer, and family. Which I have no problem with. I am still trying to accomplish something on YouTube and not having much luck, mainly because I am not as dedicated anymore and basically do half-ass work on videos. A few years ago in 2012, I was willing to get drunk on making videos, blogging not being a priority, and willing to make big strides to finally be successful but then I fell into the habit of not checking out how my videos were doing because I was basically scared of the reactions I would see after a few videos I published were overly ambitious and maybe offensive. That was a big mistake because then I lost sight of the goals I wanted to accomplish and the kinds of videos that people wanted to see. By relying on guesswork, I really sabotaged my potential and started to do poorly.

I remember many events from childhood and can, if I wanted to, vividly retell them but not everyone of them is worth telling. The time my leg was in a cast only brings up fragments and muffled screams of pain. I don’t remember tripping over the rocking horse but do recall blacking out and waking up about sometime later, maybe months afterward. Mom later recalled that I had some bones sticking out of my foot, which, as you would imagine, made me cringe in horror that something like that actually happened. Thank goodness I never actually saw that.

If there was a real purpose to writing a book about me, such as an impossible dream that I had accomplished or a tragedy that I had witnessed firsthand, the book would be more worth buying, but as I haven’t exactly had anything incredible happen or anything buzzworthy, it would be kind of lame, like just a bunch of random stories that don’t lead to any destination. Maybe if I become a successful blogger someday, a book would definitely be fitting. I would love to teach others about the secrets to successful blogging and making lots of money – though in this day and age, the importance of one of those books is not as high as before because of it being the age of YouTube and all. The average person wouldn’t know a really famous blogger on WordPress or Blogger unless they were actually a blogger themself, while on the other hand, one doesn’t have to be a full time, dedicated YouTuber or even use the site at all, to know that PewDiePie is the king and might forever always be with his subscriber count having no limits.

In Response to the Daily Prompt: This Is Your Life


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