Hanging of the Greens 2015

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This is an annual celebration held by the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church and other congregations around the nation. To “hang the greens” is to put up the wreaths on the church doors, and evergreens in the parish. It’s usually done just before or during the religious season of advent.

It was the fifth or sixth time we, meaning me, mom, and Jay, went to the Hanging of the Greens, skipping over the church service (went to it the first time some years ago, which actually makes the event more special) and going to the after party consisting of a buffet of roasted nuts, cookies, chocolate sticks, coconut pastries, and hot chocolate.

After eating my share of sweets, not going overboard, I got in line for the carriage ride. I originally was outside before this, admiring the fireworks shooting off over the Kresge Center. A first on this annual celebration or maybe I just never noticed it before because I was always inside.

The carriage ride was the same as before, taking a trip around the campus, past the clocktower, seeing a few other horse drawn carriages. An old lady sitting next to me on a haystack was singing Christmas songs, such as Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, to her young ones nearby. The air was very cool and the people around calm and pleasant as always in this town.

There was a huge gathering in the courtyard of people, a candlelight vigil, just before this carriage ride. Celebrating the coming of Christmas, spreading happiness and joy all around. I don’t live in this area anymore, so it is hard to feel apart of the festivities, but what I like to realize is that there are still many little places in the world, such as this town, that are safe to walk around in and not be afraid. Nothing exciting or new ever happens in this small town, a fact that is forever true after being away for five years and tonight feeling like it was just yesterday.

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One thought on “Hanging of the Greens 2015”

  1. I have never participating in the ‘hanging of the greens’… I don’t think we ever did that at our churches…. The carriage rides sound nice. The coconut pastries sound even better. Do the fireworks go with the celebration? All new to me???

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