It’s Such A Perfect Day

Day 284 - Railroad Gaze
Will I fall onto the tracks as the train comes by?

Nothing is going to happen to me today. Seriously…the only thing that could hurt me is by choking on a piece of bread or something, or getting scratched up badly by the cat. I would have to walk almost a mile to reach the main road and then run out in front of some cars at the moment they are going to pass by me, which would be utter suicide. An absurd Final Destination moment would have to happen to put me in any danger.

In reality, the worst possible thing that could happen to me is getting stopped for shoplifting at the store, which I will be stopping by today. Or slipping on a wet floor when there is a Wet Floor sign nearby and cracking my head open. Or I could hit my thumb on the hammer that I will use today to pound in the bolt used to secure the porch railing. The Internet could go out before I had a chance to publish this post, ending my goal of post-a-day 2016 prematurely. Otherwise, I am relatively safe. I have no enemies and live in a relatively quiet community.

One of the best things that could could happen to me is getting a ton of views on my most recent YouTube video, uploaded today, and gain some much needed momentum. But from what has transpired as of late with the low numbers, I doubt it. It’s a highly competitive world out there. What I’m really looking forward to is how my new blog theme works out. I think the darker look suits me very well and hopefully I’ll stick with it for the year.

Probably the best thing that could happen to me today is getting lucky with the lottery and winning the jackpot – or any amount of money. I try to play the same numbers every time I play the Powerball but the problem is that I don’t always check my numbers and all the possible ways I could win. My numbers may have come up in the past when I didn’t buy a ticket. Even matching one white ball and one red ball number would have won me four dollars, which is basically getting my two dollars for the ticket back and two extra.

It’s going to be a great day with playoff football on TV. I’m looking forward to how the remaining teams battle it out on the field. There are no guarantees this year (except the Seahawks) and any number of matchups are possible. This is what makes the NFL playoffs better than the upstart college playoffs: teams aren’t picked by a computer and the best team over a three or four week period remains in the end. It doesn’t seem so anticlimactic either.

Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?


Author: Macbofisbil

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2 thoughts on “It’s Such A Perfect Day”

  1. I have not checked out your youtube channel… since I am old, I really do not understand such things? But since I am old and not afraid to try new things, THIS YEAR I am publishing a digital magazine. That is what I am doing for recertification points for teaching… I am not really sure what this means … but I am looking forward to learning new things! By the way… I do like the black… But i liked the former one as well.

    1. YouTube is a difficult thing to understand these days. It seems as if it has been divided between two distinct worlds: normal people talking and crazy people playing video games and once you land in one, you have a hard time getting out. I chose this black theme mainly because it’s easy on the eyes and I wanted something refreshing but the Sorbet theme could still come back if necessary.

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