What Was I Thinking?

What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

Watching old videos of myself on YouTube, especially from my long lost first channel (I forgot the password), is quite a hard thing. Most of those videos were really poorly done and of horrible camera and sound quality (the iPod nano days). I cringe when I see and hear my attempts at humor, the little mannerisms I did that I thought would make things more interesting but actually ended up being unnecessary. True, that many of those submissions will forever live in exile, never to be viewed by anyone and it would be quite shocking for one of my own videos to show up while doing a search.

I can easily record myself playing a game (how original…) and upload it to YouTube. The first time I watch the fresh upload is very great indeed, very entertaining (at least to myself). But if I return to that video about a week later, the embarrassment caused by seeing myself trying hard to be funny becomes apparent. And judging by the view count and occasionally the number of dislikes, I can see why the video would be unbearable to watch. There are videos on my relatively small gaming channel right now (I’m questioning why I even started it because I’m definitely not making it a priority) that I tried to watch again but just couldn’t bring myself to finish because of the atrocities that ensued. I’ve gotten quite better as time has gone on and insights have been taken into account and I can only assume that the best days are yet to come.


Author: Matthy

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