Dull Edged Blade

Boredom can be a good thing


The land of the borings

They subject me to pain

Trying to push me over the edge

But I manage to thwart their rain

The dull slow drone of

A sad violin

The sleep inducing drone

Of a teacher in a humid room


To go to work five days a week

The same old routine

The same door creak

I would go insane

Would have to see change

For the land of boredom

Would slowly consume me

Where is the fit of rage?

The pang of boredom

It’s like digging a large hole

You keep digging and digging

There is such a long, long way to go

What bores you?

Specifically, reading about people’s love life and complaints about work. I also get quickly bored when reading anything too technical, like electrical diagrams or complicated tax forms. Even doing the same thing every single day, seeing the same scenery and people, can cause me to see every day, every week, as running together.

I’ve read up on the origin of the term boredom, and it’s interesting to know that my initial thought that it came from the sound of a drill “boring” a hole, an annoying, monotonous sound, is actually quite right.

bore (n.)

thing which causes ennui or annoyance, 1778; of persons by 1812; from bore (v.1).

There’s something that I don’t understand about the Daily Prompt grid: why are some blogger’s “grid” boxes different than others now? Why do some bloggers have their blog name in the original bold above the post title while others, like me now, have it following a dash that follows the post title? I’m just wondering what happened there. It’s odd. And I don’t think it’s because of a theme change. Seems like segregation to me.

Author: Macbofisbil

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One thought on “Dull Edged Blade”

  1. Having several passions in life will tend to keep away boredom… even during those tedious sessions that all lives seem to encounter? Enjoyed your take on the prompt.

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