Read and Reread

It’s rare that I would settle down

And read a novel all the way through

There are just so many other things out there

So many other things to do

Precious time slips away

As I turn just one more page

Keeping up with the world

The need to fully engage

But if there is one book that doesn’t require much

Thought or reason

It’s the book of imagination

The great train of every season

Second Time Around

The book pictured above, One Fat Summer, is a book that my uncle loves to read all the time, to the point that the book, both copies of it, have gone into disrepair. I don’t know why he loves it so much (maybe because he has a habit of reading the same books over and over again) but all I know is that it’s been a favorite of his since I “borrowed” it in ninth grade and never returned it. I only read to about the fourth chapter (where Bobby gets a lawnmower job) before I got distracted with other things like homework and TV shows. You know a good book when the cover goes missing (on paperbacks) after a while. It is considered light reading.

I personally try to find time to read a book now and then. I’m still slowly chowing through my Eragon novel but will likely pick something else up that is shorter and faster to read. Reading a book is a way for me to settle down. I hate all the drama and confusion that comes about with social media.


Author: Macbofisbil

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