Super Bowl 50 Sunday

It’s hard to believe it but the Big Game is finally here again. All year long, this game has been advertised as the golden anniversary, with the 50 on all fields being painted gold. Trips down memory lane have been taken. Special books have been released. The Madden simulations have been partaken. The mystery of who the halftime performers would be is over.

Who would have thought that a game inspired by a toy (Super Ball) would be the biggest sports event in the world?

Who would have thought that the biggest thing about this game is not the game itself but the Halftime Show?

There is only one question left:

Carolina or Denver? Who will it be?

Will Peyton Manning finally get his second ring as he knocks on retirement’s door or will the young (and cocky) Cam Newton bring Charlotte it’s first Lombardi trophy?

Okay, there are more questions to be answered:

How many times will the Sheriff say “Omaha!”

How many times will Cam Newton do “Superman”?

Super Bowl chili returns this year though it wasn’t as thoroughly done as the past two years. More of a dump chili this time around though I did take some time to cut up chili peppers, onions, and garlic, and to add my specialty: brown cinnamon.

Okay, so the Broncos got the ball first and the ball didn’t go over Peyton Manning’s head this time. It’s 3-0 Broncos as I write this.

Lady Gaga didn’t screw up the anthem this time.

The Super Bowl commercials are once again a key part of the overall experience. So far, the pug/baby/monkey hybrid is a highlight of the evening. The Aerosmith Skittles commercial also is a great one.

With all the hype surrounding the Super Bowl being over, being able to see the actual game is a refreshment. Everything is magnified in this game, every play an important factor in the outcome of one team’s season.

I know not everyone is a fan of the NFL and many would say this is just another game, but for one day I suppose we can all agree that this 50th game represents history in the making. A crossroads of past, present, and future superstars.

My predictions for the game (based off what has already transpired):

Denver wins by 7.

Final score:

Denver 27

Carolina 20

I’ll most likely be wrong with this, but let’s watch the game and find out for ourselves.

Update: Denver won 24-10, so I was off by 7 points.

Thanks for banging the “Keep Pounding” drum, @StephenCurry30, but today, Manning and co. silence the Panthers thundering season.

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