Not So Awesome Possum

0702Nearly two years ago, possums, yes possums, invaded my home. It was quite a ridiculous, and frightening, scene. I remember sitting in the living room, watching something on TV, when I looked over to my left and saw a furry creature just sitting there, its coal black eyes staring ahead, its long claws sticking out, its long pink tail similar to a mouse. If you’ve never seen a possum up close before, I must tell you that they are scary looking creatures, especially when they open their mouths, as the little meanie is doing in the picture above. Of course, they are cute in the cage, when you can tease them with pieces of grass and straw, being careful not to get too close.

After one of them got its fur chemically washed away with some WD-40, looking like a naked mole-rat or weasel, I don’t think any of the others will be coming by in the future, which is a good thing. A bunch of them were living under the house, the momma hiding under there, too big to get out, while her babies went to the surface to fetch some food. They were all flushed out when the exterminator came by. I don’t think they were killed but caught and released into the wild somewhere far away.

I must have spent hours trying to get one of those pests out of my closet with a broom, standing on my swivel computer chair in fear of it jumping out and biting me. Then it was clinging to a shirt in my closet, the little devil, so I batted it off with the broom, it scurrying out of the room while I quickly hopped back on the chair, never so scared in my life – I’d never had a live rodent invade my domicile before.

They thought they could just come in here and get anything they wanted to eat, Well, they were wrong…way wrong. I think most of the possum population knows that my place is pretty possum proof (alliteration) now and that WD-40 is very bad for them.

There still are some cages from that awful summer invasion in the shed that were used to trap the rodents with cheese, ham, and other pieces of food. Now it’s just a memory. A hilarious memory.

Never Again


Author: Macbofisbil

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3 thoughts on “Not So Awesome Possum”

  1. My brave, brave lad…. where were youtube skills on this wonderful day!!! You would have went viral! We had a similar incident in our house with a black snake- probably a four-to-five foter. M<y mother chased it all over oak covered floors with a hoe. Chased it through three rooms trying to save her little girl and me. Mom left divots in floor everywhere! Once Dad entered the house, he cornered Mom and had me use the hoe to capture it alive, hoisted it above my head- both sides on the hoe had snake touching the floor- and remove the lovely creature back to the cornfield. I don't think Mom hit it once?

  2. Living in Switzerland we don’t have possoms. Now and again a mouse moves into the garden cupboard, but my cat usually tells it either go or be killed, so it prefers to go. I have never really seen enough possoms to recognise one, perhaps in a zoo, but being overwhelmed with them is probably an ordeal. At least it was not a skunk, which is something else I have never seen or smelt where I live.

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