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I am currently filling the south wall of my bedroom with posters of all kinds. They are all 5.99 each so as you can see I’ve spent a bit of money on these, one every week or so. There is room for two more posters on this side and then I’ll likely move on to the walls adjacent to it. This mission of mine is to make the room more colorful and fun to stay in. I’m sure if I had a kid, he/she would love to sleep in this room.

The rundown of every poster so far:

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (top left corner)
  2. Minions
  3. Minecraft
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy
  5. The Beatles
  6. Music
  7. Jurassic World
  8. Grumpy Cat
  9. Harley Quinn
  10. The Walking Dead
  11. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Rey
  12. Batman

There is a longing for more art, for more fueled passion, for more wall eye candy, and it can never stop until I’m totally satisfied with the way things look. If I move out of this room, all of the posters will go with me, because I’m not spending all of that money for nothing. It’s a neat little project of mine, yes, and I’m glad I started it in the first place.


Author: Macbofisbil

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One thought on “Coverall”

  1. At the present, my ‘art works’ are maps… I have a map of each location that I have an idea for a novel. They are posted in the living room and dining room. Once these have been accomplished, there are several art pieces that I desire… The Scream… Starry Night… The Persistence of Memory… to name a few.

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