Somethings are meant to be left unfinished. They truly become timeless pieces of art when the mystery of what would complete them hangs in the air.

Being incomplete just leaves something open to interpretation. Beethoven’s Symphony no. 10 was left unfinished for over a century before Barry Cooper came along to piece together the fragments left by Beethoven. In its original broken form, there were probably many different endings that could have been made. Of course, I’ve never even heard the famous score so what do I have to say about what it felt like finishing the work of an historic musician.

I believe something is only truly complete when the original creator intends it to be. Sometimes those missing pieces are intended to be filled in later on by someone with a little different perspective and fresh ideas. The work of art is left unfinished when the person dies or just gives up on the project completely because of sheer unhappiness. I’ve surely given up on many projects in my life because of losing interest or just finding the whole thing worthless, tedious, or boring (like taking a picture of the full moon each month). There are video games I haven’t even finished, books that I may never return to, blog posts that are still in draft form, video projects still incomplete.

Everyone’s life is incomplete and open to hundreds of possible conclusions. They’re stories are never truly complete until the thing that drives happiness into them each day is achieved. Some people never find that happy ending. There are probably more incomplete stories than complete ones in this world and its the most famous ones that get into a book or movie with a beginning and an end.



Author: Macbofisbil

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