The Fight for April

How many upsets will there be? That is the question.

This is March Madness 2016. Welcome to the Big Dance, folks. May you stay until the lights are turned out.

The first and second days of the annual college basketball tournament have already seen a couple of shockers (including you, Wichita St.). The cross ocean neighbors of California, Hawaii, might be a darling this year or it could be Middle Tennessee who basically fooled the seeding committee and have me looking for shirts to show off to my hated rivals.

I picked Yale over Baylor and they won, reassuring us that the upset is still possible. I have a way with picking the Ivy League teams to win (got Harvard right two years in a row and Cornell a couple years ago).

So March Madness is definitely in full swing and if anyone still has a perfect bracket I’d like to meet them. My bracket is quite busted (thanks Michigan State, but at the same time YES!) and now I’m just watching the games for fun (and to see how far Michigan can go). My championship matchup is still intact with North Carolina and Kansas, for how long that lasts.

My busted TC bracket

The road to the championship game continues on. It is always an interesting fight to the finish and isn’t always predictable, with the exception coming in 2008 with all four number ones in the Final Four, the only time that happened. Seeing those upsets is always an interesting part of the event, with unknown schools getting on the map and having their 15 minutes of glory, but it is usually the teams that were picked to win, the usual juggernauts, remaining in the end. The first few rounds are always exciting, always full of chaos, of madness, and then everything seems to settle down near the end.

I see this basketball tournament as a transitional thing, something to watch to pass the time until other things come up. It will be Spring in a couple days and the first quarter of the year will be nearly over. That April A to Z challenge is coming up again though I’m not sure I will participate in it because of it being such a demanding thing (to come up with an idea for every letter).

Until then, it is on to the second round of Madness. I’ll definitely be there until the lights are turned out.


Author: Matthy

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3 thoughts on “The Fight for April”

  1. I waited to respond to your blog until my ACC teams took some hits. My team is DUKE! THey are now gone. My home team is UVA. There are strong. I root for any ACC team…it make sour conference stronger! I will be rooting against your Kansas team!

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