2016 RhymeZone Poetry Prize


Happening over at RhymeZone this month, the place I use to find that one word that rhymes with another, when I’m scratching my head for answers, is a poetry contest where ten people whose original poems are chosen can receive $5000 altogether ($500 each, not a whole lot but a nice amount). I see it as a way of giving back to the amazing community of poets out there, of rewarding them for all of their efforts and inspirations. Yeah, I kind of found this on accident after searching for RhymeZone on Bing, and wouldn’t have even known about it if it weren’t for my curious searching.

The theme for the poetry challenge this month is: Community. Specifically, write about something related to your hometown or the idea of community in general.

So I am thinking of participating in this and trying, at least, to contend for the grand prize against probably some of the world’s most renown, seriously good, poets. It would be an honor to win that money (I’m never won that much money in my life), and feel like I contributed to something amazing. If not, then my words are out there for everyone to see and be inspired by. In my opinion though, poetry can’t accurately be critiqued by a panel of judges using computer software. It most certainly can’t be judged truthfully by who wins the money and who doesn’t. It’s what’s in your heart and mind that counts, how the words appeal to you personally. Of course, if the poem is complete trash, I could understand how easily judged it would be, but in most cases you know a good piece of poetry when you can tell someone put their time and effort into it.

Kudos to those who win (if anyone cares) and may they go forth and far in their future lives.

In avoidance (sort of) of the prompt: Friend

Author: Matthy

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