Angriest Whopper – A to Z Foods 2016

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge, my awesome bloggers. My theme for the challenge this year is foods. Now I have figured I’m not just going to list ordinary, everyday foods, but ones that are a little more interesting and edgy.

For the letter A I am choosing the Angriest Whopper, which was just released today at Burger King (or Hungry Jack in Australia). I will be trying this burger very soon and want to expect a mouth flaming experience but know I will probably be more disappointed than a Detroit Lions fan every year.

The makeup of the burger is as such:

Two red buns with hot sauce baked into them, fried onions, pickeled jalapenos, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and “spicy angry sauce”.

I don’t want this review at to spoil the experience for me (or you) but from what I have already read, this burger is nothing groundbreaking but a gimmicky and gross mess of ingredients that surely isn’t healthy for you when it goes in or out.

But I’m going to try it anyway just because that looks like an awesome burger (high five for manipulative product advertising), even if it packs enough calories and heart clogging cholesterol to surely kill me in one sitting.

A to Z Challenge 2016


Author: Macbofisbil

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