Earth Day – Party Like It’s 1970


If I hadn’t been told or hadn’t seen something about it on the Internet, I would have totally forgotten it was Earth Day.

Earth Day to me doesn’t have much significance. Yeah, it’s great that we plant a bunch of new trees and get into the spirit of trying to make our planet better, but after this day is over, we go back to not caring anymore. I donated a dollar to the Earth Day fund today because I felt like being generous, but I wouldn’t normally donate money to charities because I’m not usually that generous.

Earth Day only exists because of a 1970 Wisconsin senators concern about the environment. He got together with a bunch of other like minded people and decided to make this a national day on April 22nd, because apparently that was in connection to a previous “Arbor Day” in 1872 set on the creators birthday.

The picture of a long, long country road just a few miles east of me was taken last year. It is a great example of how we pave our way through nature, simply by moving trees to the side, in order to make room for our civilization.

“Move out of the way trees, this space is for Mr. Road.”

“But we’ve been here for thousands of years. You can’t just uproot us.”

“Doesn’t matter. We can and we will for the sake of humanity”

“Ah, damn you humans.”

“At least there’s Earth Day. We can always plant more of you.”

“True that.”

In other news…

On this glorious Earth Day, I went and ate at a corner restaurant today called Chilango’s. It is an unassuming, rinky dink kind of place that serves a delicious Mexican cuisine, including tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. I ordered two tacos with guacamole sauce on them and I can describe how they tasted in a word I have never used before on this blog – scrumdiddlyumpious. I admire the outside and inside artwork of this little dive even if it calls up something out of a trashy 80s movie. The artwork on the walls is also neat.



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