SoundCloud Saturday

In my inbox every couple days, I get a email about different people featured on the website. Today I discovered a SoundCloud user named Matt FX Feldman who is a music supervisor for the Comedy Central sitcom Broad City. His job is putting music to different scenes for the show. He is also a Guest DJ and curator. There are many others like him that produce or at least put playlists of music together on SoundCloud, the home of my future podcast if I ever decide to make one.

I decided to check out the site today and put together my own playlist of some tracks I really digged.

This is likely going to be a recurring feature where I feature some cool tracks and artists, but like all of the other things I tried to do every week, it will likely only be two or three times.

One of the songs featured on SC Saturday #1 is about Donald Trump making people’s lives better. Smh. We’ll have to see about that. Another is a Sean Paul song from 2005 that was somehow featured on the site today.


Author: Macbofisbil

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