Healthy Lifestyles

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I’m getting to bed much earlier now, which is surely a good sign that my internal clock is getting in order. Late night shifts are fun but aren’t ideal for getting up early for an important job – if I had one. Waking with red eyes and feeling like I have a pseudo hangover is quite unbearable.

Playing basketball keeps me feeling young and fresh. My legs move freely and I think much easier. Today I did that again and find that I have developed quite a good shooting form – I can sink threes from half court with ease now and the layup is cake. Of course, the only people I have to play against up at the old court are little kids that make me feel so old and awkward (I lied to them about being 17, 7 years younger than I actually am just so I wouldn’t scare them too much) but they seem to like me so I guess I just fit in as one big kid.

In order to live a healthy lifestyle you should do these things:

  • Drink more water
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep
  • Exercise daily
  • Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Have good hygiene

Learning to take care of yourself and be healthy is the first step toward building self confidence and a feeling of importance. You are worth something and deserve to live a good life.


Author: Macbofisbil

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One thought on “Healthy Lifestyles”

  1. Congrats on your basketball ups! I am now too old to run the courts. I am hoping to take up a new sport… pickleball. It is a miniaturized- fast paced from of tennis? I haven’t played yet, but I have purchased the racket. Soon… I hope!

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