Facebook Can Be Annoying

This is a cesspool

A cesspool of jealously. That is what Facebook is to me at times and which is why I like to stay away from it during my dark hours.

What I don’t like about Facebook:

  • Some of my “friends” have over 1000s of “friends”, many of them they don’t even know, while I can barely crack 300. Out of those 1000 friends, probably only ten are very close to you and the rest are there to make you look good. I know this isn’t a big deal but there is always a pang of undesirable jealously
  • Bragging posts
  • Complaining posts
  • Those long philosophical posts from my former teachers
  • Most of my original friend list is gone, with many having defriended me or having quit Facebook. Most of my friends are fake accounts made my me and my family, so it is actual quite a small list
  • I feel like my life is quite lame compared to others, but that is just me
  • Everyday I see someone getting married or having kids,  and I’m just like…still chasing the dream!
  • It’s getting to the point where everything I post is getting ignored and only “liked” by family members and one or two friends. I know I shouldn’t weigh heavily on such trivial things but the feeling of becoming more and more isolated is apparent.
  • Once I change my name, I can’t change it again for another 60 days, which sucks because I might get stuck with a name I don’t desire and have to suffer for two months
  • Who plays games anymore? Anyone who still does looks like an uneducated dullard. I get all of these game requests from people, including some from my ex-girlfriend that I ignore

It may be depressing at times, but I’m not going to quit Facebook. It’s still a nice place to catch up with loved ones and people you really care about. There are times when I just feel like disconnecting from the world and focusing on me, staying away from all the drama, but I still have to be connected or risk facing the boring reality. At this point I’m trying to be more career oriented and only post stuff that is really important – to me at least.

Author: Matthy

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Can Be Annoying”

  1. 300? Talk about keeping the number as low as 100…But then again not everyone ‘you know’ is on Facebook and adding people that you met just once is not really a contact. Hehe it can get too much at times but is useful.

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